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Your website is your window to the world and needs to look sharp and perform perfectly to attract customers and increase conversions. Our team considers the most important elements of a high-ranking website and structures yours accordingly, with your goals and objectives at the forefront.


web development
web development
app development
  • WordPress Development - WordPress is the most popular CMS software available. To make the running and maintenance of your business even easier, it’s our chosen platform to begin a website build. This enables you to take control of your platform once the initial work is complete, minimize all maintenance costs compared to other CMS platforms and streamline performance or future enhancements. 
  • Custom Web Development - From usability to security, brand standards to compelling messaging, custom web development is a must in today’s digital climate. An optimally designed site is key in improving brand loyalty, cultivating trust, driving lead generation, and ultimately, increasing net revenues.
  • eCommerce Development - eCommerce businesses know that user experience and revenue go hand in hand. When users find shopping hard, slow, or confusing, they don’t convert, and you don’t get paid. That’s why your eCommerce site should be working hard for you – streamlining your business and making shopping effortless. But without a well-developed site, you’re trying to build a great experience on shaky foundations.
  • Web Application Development - Web applications are essential for businesses to thrive in the digital arena. Custom web applications can improve your user’s online interactions with your organization, giving you a unique advantage in the marketplace. Customization can mean the difference between simply having a digital presence and enhancing your revenue.
  • App Development - Our approach to app design is creative, strategic, and focused on the user. From start to finish, our team is a partner for better digital experiences informed by research and careful testing. With many years of experience, the FDMA process is flexible, time-tested, and able to deliver on all kinds of mobile app builds.


web design
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Our web developers work alongside our in-house strategists, creatives, and marketers. Everything we build for you solves a true business need, reflects an authentic brand character, and is highly visible and relevant to your audience.

eCommerce Development 96%
Web Application Development 94%
WordPress Development 99%

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